by Aviva


Who am I?

My name is Aviva Levin and I am the founder of “ZMC Designs by Aviva.”  The letters at the beginning of my company name refer to my children whose names are Zeke, Mya and Cole. As far as design and production is concerned, they are my greatest creations and my greatest inspirations. I started my company so that I could be more available to them as they navigate these precious years in their lives.  It is an honor to be able to share my home, my family and my plethora of pets with my clients.


Where do I come from?

The daughter of a rabbi, I began my career as an art teacher in the New York public school system as well as a Judaic studies teacher in synagogues around the world (including Australia, USA and Israel). Having graduated from NYU with a degree in Art and Art Education and a Judaic studies minor, I was having a blast. I couldn’t get enough of working with children and adults, so I went to the Hebrew Union College and received a Masters in Jewish Education. I put my degree to good use as the Director of Judaic Studies in a Jewish day school in Atlanta. From Georgia, I came to Los Angeles to serve as the religious school director at the Santa Monica Synagogue and then The Malibu Jewish Center and Synagogue. A headhunter found me and I asked if I was interested in going back into the classroom. I said of course – but only if I can teach middle school aged students. My favorite learners are pre-teens and teens (I know it’s hard to believe, but true). After a total of 30+ years in the field I had the chance to stop working and stay at home with my family. I tried for a month or two, and then I nearly exploded! I had to work!


How long have I been doing this?

I opened ZMC Designs in 2009 and have found a fabulous balance between my work and my family. I am blessed to have found a way to combine both aspects of my true heart’s desires.


What do I do?

ZMC Designs has been created to serve the Jewish community as well as the community at large. I serve families as they prepare for some of the grandest moments of their lives by guiding them through the details of balancing ritual and celebration in a liberal setting. Together with you, I design and produce (yes, I have a print shop in my home) invitations, prayerbooks, benchers, menus, seating cards, thank you notes and anything else that your party may need.


What makes ZMC Designs by Aviva different from the rest?

Hebrew fluency and a true understanding of the content and structure of ritual events is what makes me different. 100% customized worked tailored to your personality and your event and your event’s style. From dreaming of designs to putting your realized dream in your hands, ZMC Designs is here for you!


Ever tried to write your own prayerbook? ZMC Designs creates these all the time. I have created personalized Jewish services for hundreds of clients. Make an appointment and come by to see what we can do together!


I would be honored to help you in your preparations for joyous celebrations.





Owner, designer, printer

ZMC Designs by Aviva

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