by Aviva


How custom is custom? 100%

Fonts, color, size, shape, die cuts, paper choices – everything is chosen by you and ZMC. We are partners heading toward the perfect product.


Can I use my own translations? YES

We will format your translations, or help you choose the appropriate content based on your religious preferences. ZMC has access to the liturgy of all sects of the Jewish community.


Can I add family photos?  YES

You can have 1, 2, 20 or more photos.


I’m on a budget. What will this cost me? That depends on a number of factors.

Quantity, size, shape, paper choices and number of pages will all impact the overall cost of a prayerbook. The price is not set until you tell ZMC what you want. We are very budget sensitive and will make sure that you walk away with a product that has no buyer’s remorse.


Are there additional fees for number of photos? NO

Digital printing means that personal artwork, text, design elements, photos, etc. can be added without having ANY impact on the cost of production.


Is it OK if I just need a supplement, not a full prayerbook? YES

Custom is custom, so I will make whatever you request.


Does ZMC do ALL aspects of printing and production? YES

Within the world of digital production, ZMC produces all of its own work. If you want special elements like foil, emboss and offset printing, I have a vendor around the corner with whom I have been working for more than 4 years to get the job done for you.


How long will this take?  We will set up a personal timeline when we meet.

At least one month prior to your event we should begin formatting the content of your book. Between edits, production and service changes, we need time to get it right.


My service is in Israel. What can I do? Whatever you need to get done – we’ll get it done.

ZMC Designs has created prayerbooks for use in Greece, Poland, Israel, France and the United States.  We can design a book that is light and easy to carry on a flight.


I don’t know anything about what should be in a prayerbook. Can ZMC help? YES

With a strong Judaic background and fluency in both Hebrew and English, ZMC Designs can walk you through the components of the service, or we will work in partnership with your clergy people (rabbi, cantor, mentor, etc.) to get it right.

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